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This page allows you to calculate exactly what the Denenberg Strategy is worth to you.

The Denenberg Strategy improves your expected return by 0.68%, which means that for every $1000 that you wager, you will be $6.80 ahead if you use the Denenberg Strategy rather than the traditional strategy. You gain that $6.80 on every $1000 wagered, win lose or push. 

It adds up fast. For example, if you play for two hours, betting $100 per deal, and you play 35 deals per hour, you have wagered a total of $7000, and you are already $47.60 ahead.

To see what the Denenberg Strategy is worth to you, enter your own figures in the boxes below and then press the "Recalculate" button:

Your average bet: $
Deals played per hour:
Hours played per day:
Days you play per year:
Years you will play Pai Gow:

Total benefit: $


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