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Practice Pai Gow currently has six practice areas that will help you learn the game by allowing you to practice your skills. You can access the six practice areas from this page, or from the word "Practice" at the bottom of any page on this site.

This page gives a brief description of the practice areas. To understand them best, just go to a practice area and start using it.

  1. Practice identifying the rank numbers of the tiles. Go there.

  2. Practice identifying the tiles' names. Go there.

  3. Practice reading the value of a two-tile hand. Go there.

  4. Practice naming the three divisions of a four-tile deal. Go there.

  5. Practice the rules of the traditional strategy. Go there.

Practice area 6 allows you to practice the rules of the Denenberg Strategy, and it is for members only. When you click on the link, you will be asked to sign in with your password. Go here to learn how to become a member.

  1. Practice the rules of the Denenberg strategy. Go there.


If you have an idea for another practice format, please let us know.


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