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Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to navigate the tutorial chapters. Here's how:

To turn to the next page, press ...

  • the 'n' key (for Next), or

  • the Enter key, or

  • the Spacebar

To turn to the previous page, press ...

  • the 'p' key (for Previous)

You may also use the arrow keys to navigate:

  • The right arrow and the down arrow move you to the next page.

  • The left arrow and the up arrow move you to the previous page.

Most pages will show the tiles in big or small size:

  • press 'b' (for Big) to go from small tiles to big tiles

  • press 's' (for Small) to go from big tiles to small tiles

To move around several pages at a time, you can use the number keys. Each number key will jump you to the page in your current decade with the pressed number in the units position. Thus, if you are currently on page 24, you are in the 20's, and ...

  • pressing the '0' key will jump you to page 20

  • pressing the '9' key will jump you to page 29,

  • pressing the '2' key will jump you to page 22,

  • pressing the '4' key will do nothing, because you are already on page 24.

Similarly, if you are on page 12, the number keys will jump you to a page between 10 and 19: if you press the '8' key, you will jump to page 18.

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