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If you wish, you may go directly to the sign-up form. charges a fee for access to its advanced functions and benefits. The introductory price for charter members is $595.00. Here is what you get when you join:

The Denenberg Strategy. This is the flagship of what has to offer you. An improved, computer-designed strategy, far better than the traditional strategy that is used worldwide. The Denenberg Strategy gives you an additional .68% in expected return over the traditional strategy, which approximately cuts the house's advantage over you in half. For more on the Denenberg Strategy explore these links:

  • Our detailed explanation of the Denenberg Strategy.

  • A calculator that allows you to compute exactly how much the Denenberg Strategy would be worth to you, depending on how much you bet and how often you play.

  • For those who are technically minded, Chapter 9 of the Tutorials discusses how the Denenberg Strategy was designed.

Member practice areas. The practice areas are crucial for learning the Denenberg Strategy. You can practice the Denenberg Strategy online, so you can play it accurately at the Pai Gow table. Our online programs are designed to maximize your learning experience. Each of the 35,000+ practice deals offers help with that deal's strategy rule, and has a link to the exact page in the Tutorial that explains how to play that deal. As a preview, you can visit the practice area that allows you to practice the traditional strategy. When you become a member of, you will be able to practice the Denenberg Strategy in the same fashion.

Analysis of deals. members have access to utilities that allow them to statistically analyze any deal. You select the four tiles of a deal, and you are shown how often you will win, lose, or push, and your expected return, depending on which division of the tiles you play. Here is an example of the results of a deal analysis:

Tiles you selected:
Wong/four Gong/five eight/seven
29.7 %
31.9 %
43.5 %
If you
bet $100:
  win $16.53   win $16.37   win $25.57 has a version of the Deal Analysis page that you can explore before deciding whether to join. Go here to test it out.

Complete optimal strategy. As we discuss in Tutorial Chapter 9: Designing the Denenberg Strategy, the Denenberg Strategy gives you 94% of the boost in expected return that you would get from playing a complete optimal strategy. The other 6% of improvement in expected return is found in 154 deals that the Denenberg Strategy handles non-optimally. Members of can peruse tables that list those 154 deals in detail, so that you can look for your own patterns, make up new rules if you wish, or just find a few interesting deals whose optimal play you wish to remember.

Here is an example of how each deal is presented:

You get to see:

  • the division that the Denenberg Strategy dictates

  • the Denenberg Strategy rule that governs the deal

  • how the deal is played optimally

  • the expected return of playing each division, and

  • the difference in expected return, which represents the relative importance of playing that deal optimally.

Visitors are welcome to submit questions and recommendations of what else they would like to see us offer.


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